Summer updates for napalm-ansible

  • By Napalm Automation
  • Posted September 18, 2017

Ansible doesn’t have one of the best user experiences out there when it comes to installing third party modules. The process usually involves cloning a repo and updating ansible.cfg to make sure the cloned repo is in the path. This is not particularly terrible but it becomes an issue when you come to the realization you have to make sure yourself that the repo stays up to date, which means you have to keep track of every potential repo yourself and that you have to understand how each potential project that provides third party modules prefers to deal with versioning for ansible modules.

To simplify how to deal with this, at least for modules provided via napalm-ansible, we are providing now the modules via pip. This means you can install/upgrade/version your modules as you would with ansible itself. For example, the requirements file for your ansible project could easily look like:

# requirements.txt

You still have to configure ansible to find the modules, not much we can do there, so in order to guide you on how to do that napalm-ansible provides a CLI tool with the same name that will guide you in the process. For example:

$ napalm-ansible
To make sure ansible can make use of the napalm modules you will have
to add the following configurtion to your ansible configureation
file, i.e. `./ansible.cfg`:

		library = /Users/dbarroso/.virtualenvs/ansible_project/lib/python2.7/site-packages/napalm_ansible

For more details on ansible's configuration file visit:

As simple as that. And, of course, if you want to upgrade napalm-ansible to the latest version you can just do pip install -U napalm-ansible or if you want to revert to a previous version you can pip install napalm-ansible==0.6.1.

Happy automation!