Hackathon 2017 Summary

Over a week ago we celebrated our second Hackathon. We held a few presentations to kick off the event (thanks to all presenters) and then we spent the entire weekend hacking.

A continuation I want to highlight some of the projects people worked on:

  • afourmy worked on e-napalm an awesome web UI for napalm and netmiko. I totally recommend this one.
  • ogenstad worked on automating the process of turning ansible “docstrings” into actual documentation. You can see the result here
  • tcaiazza started working on a napalm-yang parser for NXOS. It’s still WIP but I am sure he will finish it soon ;)
  • ktbyers started working on a testing environment to test config operations. Testing these operations has always been difficult so having this environment is certainly going to be useful.
  • itdependsnetworks worked on many things, most notably on bringing a set of helper functions to standardize interface names across commands.
  • dbarrosop built a POC for an automation framework built on python to be used in python. You can find the project here

In addition there were many bugfixes and minor enhancements so big kudos to all those contributors that keep squashing bugs making automation more stable and reliable to everybody.

In summary, it was a lot of fun and lots of things happened. It’s also interesting to see new and interesting projects being built on top of napalm.

Winner: We’d like to thank all the contributors for helping out and for participating but as we announced previously we actually have a prize for one of them and we’d like you to help us decide who to give it to. So, please, head to this github issue and help us deciding. Next week’s Monday we will close the polls and announce the winner.

Thank you all again and happy automation!

David Barroso

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