Hackathon 2017 Details


It’s been a year since our last hackathon so it’s time for a second take. This year, in addition to giving you a NAPALM update and present a couple of new projects, we will also have a few talks from various other projects leveraging on napalm and a talk from Gabriele Gerbino who was the unofficial winner for the non-existent contest we had in the hackathon we held last year :)

Code of Conduct

Be nice, respectful and have fun!


All times are in UTC


We will meet online. All the presentations will be streamed and recorded on Youtube and interactions will be done via slack and github.

  • Live Feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TZbKKf2gAc
  • Slack: https://networktocode.herokuapp.com/, channel #napalm-hackathon-2017
  • Repo with ideas: https://github.com/napalm-automation/hackathon-2017/issues Feel free to add your own!


So last year we didn’t really organized any contest as we didn’t have prizes and we didn’t really thought about it. However, this year we have a prize :)


We (Kirk, Mircea and David) will probably decide ourselves but we will let the community influence our decision so make sure you make it clear ;)


We will deliberate during Monday and Tuesday and probably write an announcement during the week.


Andrew Dampf on behalf of Linode is donating a year of service for the winner :)

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